Stage Combat

Eliana has been training with the Society of American Fight Directors since she was 15 years old. She currently holds Advanced Actor/Combatant status and is certified in unarmed, broadsword, rapier and dagger, single sword, sword and shield, small sword, quarterstaff, and knife, as well as theatrical firearms. In her years of training, Eliana has attended multiple regional workshops across the United States as well as four National Stage Combat Workshops. Eliana was awarded Best Performer for the Actor Combatant Workshop in 2019 and received the award for Best Scene in her 2021 Advanced Actor Combatant Workshop. Eliana’s SAFD profile and complete testing history can be found here. Click here for a condensed stage combat resume. Eliana has also begun training with Intimacy Directors and Coordinators to improve her practices and methods for approaching choreography, and she is certified as a Consent Forward Artist. Reel available upon request!

Fight Choreography Experience

A Divine KerfuffleBU PlayersDir. Dr. Carrie Winship
Six Characters in Search of an AuthorBloomsburg Theatre EnsembleDir. David A. Miller
Crazy for YouAlamance Children’s TheatreDir. Tami Kress
Hooded: or Being Black for DummiesBU PlayersDir. Brian Bond and Gibryl Livingston
The Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeAlamance Children’s TheatreDir. Wayne Leonard
The AstronotsBU PlayersDir. David A. Miller
Beauty and the Beast Jr.Studio 1Dir. Tami Kress
A Midsummer Night’s DreamBU PlayersDir. Dr. Carrie Winship
The WomenStudio 1Dir. Ashley Phipps
God of CarnageStudio 1Dir. Adam Belcher
Dark CloudsBU PlayersDir. Russell Shelton

Assistant Choreographer and Fight Captain Experience

Robin HoodCo-Fight ChoreographerStudio 1Dir. Angela Daulton
HamletAssistant Fight Choreographer,
Fight Captain
Studio 1Dir. Tami Kress
NewsiesAssistant Fight Choreographer The Gallery PlayersDir. John Collier
Peter and the StarcatcherAssistant Fight Choreographer Studio 1Dir. Tami Kress
The Lightning ThiefAssistant Fight ChoreographerStudio 1Dir. Tami Kress
Romeo and JulietFight CaptainStudio 1Dir. Tami Kress
MacbethAssistant Fight ChoreographerStudio 1Dir. David Sebren
The Scarlet PimpernelAssistant Fight ChoreographerStudio 1Dir. Tami Kress
Morte D’ArthurAssistant Fight Choreographer Studio 1Dir. Tami Kress
Sweeney ToddAssistant Fight ChoreographerStudio 1Dir. Michael Williams
A Comedy of TenorsAssistant Fight Choreographer Studio 1Dir. Wayne Leonard
CamelotAssistant Fight Choreographer Alamance Repertory Theatre Company Dir. Ashley Phipps
The Hunchback of Notre DameFight CaptainStudio 1Dir. Tami Kress
And Jesus Moonwalks the MississippiAssistantMuhlenberg CollegeDir. Christopher Burris

Instructor, Intern, and Teaching Assistant Experience

The National Stage Combat Workshop (Upcoming)Production Assistant2024
The A-Town Throw DownAssociate Instructor2024
Unarmed: Muhlenberg CollegeAssistant2024
The Philadelphia Stage Combat WorkshopIntern2023
Single Sword: Muhlenberg CollegeProduction Assistant2023
Unarmed and Single Sword: Bloomsburg UniversityInstructor2023
The National Stage Combat WorkshopProduction Assistant2023
The A-Town Throw DownIntern2023
The Texas IntensiveIntern2022
The A-Town Throw DownIntern2022
The Lonestar SmashIntern2021
BroadswordAssistantStudio 1
UnarmedAssistantStudio 1
Misc. WeaponsAssistant Studio 1
Single SwordAssistantStudio 1
Unarmed and KnifeAssistant Studio 1

Training Experience

  • National Stage Combat Workshop 2017: Introduction to Stage Combat Workshop
  • The Tourist Trap 2018
  • The Fredricksen 2018
  • The Lonestar Smash 2018
  • The Tourist Trap 2019
  • The Fredricksen 2019
  • National Stage Combat Workshop 2019: Actor Combatant Workshop
  • The Lonestar Smash 2019
  • The Social Distance Showdown 2020
  • The Social Distance Showdown 2.0 2020
  • National Stage Combat Workshop 2021: Advanced Actor Combatant Workshop
  • Level 1 – Foundations of Intimacy I Online (IDC) 2021
  • The Lonestar Smash 2021 (Intern)
  • The Philadelphia Stage Combat Workshop 2021
  • Level 2 – Foundations of Intimacy II Online (IDC) 2022
  • The Fredricksen 2022
  • The A-Town Throw Down 2022 (Intern)
  • The Texas Intensive 2022 (Intern)
  • Consent Forward Artist Certification Workshop 2022 (IDC)
  • 3-day Foundational Stunt and Combat Workshop 2022 (Filmka Stunt Team: Ondra Voda & Alice Šrámková)
  • The A-Town Throw Down 2023
  • The National Stage Combat Workshop 2023: Production Assistant
  • NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Certification Course: Level 4 Marksmanship
  • The Texas Intensive 2023
  • The Philadelphia Stage Combat Workshop 2023 (Intern)
  • The A-Town Throw Down 2024 (AI, Upcoming)